What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best
— Benjamin Spock

Imagine - you have just done the most amazing thing in the world,

after your own unique journey through conception, pregnancy, labour and birth,

you have become a parent!!

You feel -euphoric, happy, relieved, in love, disconnected, confused, attuned, overwhelmed, unconfident, powerful, protective, scared - TIRED!!

Any, all or a mixture of the above

We have met many women over the years who have been to antenatal classes and prepared thoroughly for labour and birth, to then find themselves feeling overwhelmed by suddenly becoming parents and having total responsibility for the wellbeing of this brand new tiny human being. We devised this course to help couples to start to think about what to expect when they become a parent. We look at the emotional and practical challenges involved during this huge transition to give new parents the knowledge and tools to manage the early days
— Jane & Lizzie, Founders of Baby Hive

‘The Early Days’ Course covers…

  • Your parenting instincts – recognising them in pregnancy and trusting them

  • How to attune with your baby in pregnancy

  • Adjusting to the transition to parenthood

  • Meeting and bonding with your baby – skin to skin is for dad’s too

  • Feeding your baby – breastfeeding and hand expressing

  • Safer sleeping

  • Practicalities – nappies, bathing, holding your baby

  • What is normal?

We encourage you to raise anything that is important to you and your birth partner so that we can cover what matters to you.

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one to one courses - £120

  • Available in both Surrey and South London. 

  • Bespoke courses can be tailored to suit you

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